STEM is integrated with which Retail Cash Vault Systems?2019-06-12T06:33:29+00:00

STEM is integrated with the following Retail Cash Vault Systems:

  • G4S

  • Cash Connect

Does STEM offer training?2019-04-16T09:47:41+00:00

Yes, STEM offers training online and in person.

STEM invested in online training that is comprehensive and module specific. You are able to download guidelines, watch tutorials and complete quizzes.

To access the online training platform, click on this link: https://moodle.mystem.co.za/login/index.php

Ensure you are registered before you try to log in.

If you are not registered, contact us at info@mystemsoftware.com

Will STEM increase my profitability?2019-04-16T09:48:06+00:00

STEM is an integrated system that saves you Time and Money, eliminating human error and increases your Net Profit.

How can I contact STEM?2019-04-16T09:48:48+00:00

Please feel free to contact us for any extra information you might need.

We are always there to help you!

  • Office RSA: +27 (21) 913 0806

  • Office USA: +1 (678) 701 8077

  • Fax RSA: +27 (086) 552 7932

  • Email: info@mystemsoftware.com


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