Does STEM operate internationally?2020-10-27T12:52:58+00:00

Yes, we are operational across the World offering an integrated suite of retail and hospitality management modules that enables and promotes successful business management.


With which accounting software is STEM integrated?2020-10-22T07:23:36+00:00

STEM is integrated with various accounting software including:

  • Xero

  • SAP Business One

  • QuickBooks

  • Sage Pastel Accounting

  • Sage 300 (previously known as ACCPAC)

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP


With which Point Of Sale(POS) systems are STEM integrated?2020-10-22T07:24:26+00:00

STEM is fully integrated with leading POS systems, such as:

  • Oracle MICROS 3700 POS System

  • Oracle MICROS Simphony POS System

  • NAMOS POS System

  • VISION BeanStore POS System

  • RPOWER POS System

  • NCR – AS@R POS System

What are the main features of STEM?2020-10-22T07:24:50+00:00

STEM has been designed with accounting, consolidation, and business intelligence in mind all in one cloud-based system.

A few features include:

  • Cash and Bank Reconciliation

  • Accounting Integration

  • Labor, Task and Event Management

  • Menu Management

  • Recipe Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Food Cost Reporting

  • Multi-Store Operations

  • Powerful Reporting


Can I manage multiple stores with using STEM software?2020-10-22T07:25:07+00:00

Yes, with STEM software you can:

  • Manage multiple stores, from anywhere in the world!

  • Create as many user access accounts as necessary, at no extra cost!


Is there any online help or training provided?2020-10-22T07:25:15+00:00

Training is an essential part of our onboarding process and can be conducted in various forms depending on your preferences and requirements.

We also have a comprehensive suite of online training videos and PDF guidelines.

How much does our support cost?2020-10-22T07:25:27+00:00

As part of our service, all STEM customers have access to our support team free of charge.




Is STEM integrated with any Retail Cash Vault Systems?2020-10-22T07:25:42+00:00

Yes, STEM is integrated with the following Retail Cash Vault Systems:

  • G4S

  • Cash Connect

Will STEM increase my profitability?2020-10-22T07:25:56+00:00

STEM is an integrated system that eliminates human error and increases your Net Profit. Because the system is mostly automated STEM will save your company Time and Money.


How can I contact STEM?2020-10-22T07:26:43+00:00

Contact Us

  • Office RSA: +27 (21) 913 0806

  • Office USA: +1 (678) 701 8077

  • Fax RSA:      +27 (086) 552 7932

  • Email: info@mystemsoftware.com